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Every year, 17,000 Texans are diagnosed with breast cancer. We help give them hope.


Texas ranks third in the United States in estimated new breast cancer cases


Third in expected deaths from the disease


Every day, 45 new cases are diagnosed - 17,000 per year.

We created Texas Heart Strings to bring hope to those Texans and to their families, friends, and relatives. 


Texas Heart Strings is a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) nonprofit organization that uses music to help support efforts to fight breast cancer and support other worthy causes. It was inspired by the song “Today is the Day” by Shake Russell and Michael Hearne - two of our state’s leading singer-songwriters - and drew from founder Bob Newlin’s commitment to honoring the life of his sister, who passed away from breast cancer. 


Each year, Texas Heart Strings holds a range of benefits, including house concerts and the annual Flight Against Breast Cancer event that raise money for research and to support other worthy causes.


And by doing that we’re helping to celebrate the beauty of life, the joy of living, and the spirit of heart-felt generosity. 

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